UN Menschenrechtsrat: Resolution verfehlt

Amnesty International ist äußerst besorgt darüber, dass die Ratsmitglieder es versäumt haben, eine Resolution zu den Philippinen einzubringen. Der Verzicht auf diese Resolution birgt die Gefahr, dass Tausende von Opfern und Überlebenden, die unter der strafenden Drogenpolitik gelitten haben, im Stich gelassen werden. Der Rat sollte in dieser entscheidenden Phase nicht nachlassen, die Angelegenheit zu prüfen.

Index: IOR 40/6083/2022
Item 10: Enhanced Dialogue on the HC report on the Philippines
UN Human Rights Council
51st session
Mr. President,
Amnesty International is extremely concerned that Council members have failed to table a resolution on the Philippines. Discontinuing this resolution risks abandoning thousands of victims and survivors that have suffered as a result of punitive drug policies. The newly elected government is yet to show concrete action to address past and ongoing violations. The Council should not let up its scrutiny at this pivotal juncture.

A year since the Philippine government and the UN signed a joint programme aimed at protecting and promoting human rights the situation continues to be deeply concerning . Amnesty International shares the observations of the High Commissioner in her latest report, including the very limited access victims have to obtain justice and reparation, ongoing attacks and threats against civil society and human rights defenders; and continued drug-related killings two years since the Council adopted its last resolution.

We support the High Commissioner’s clear request for OHCHR’s monitoring mandate to be extended to ensure there is no gap in the monitoring and reporting of human rights violations in the country. Ignoring this call will deeply affect the Council’s credibility. To further strengthen this mandate, States should, at the earliest, adopt a resolution requesting the OHCHR to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the progress made thus far by the UN Joint Programme as well as domestic accountability mechanisms related to abuses committed in the context of the “war on drugs”.

22. Oktober 2022